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TAPS - High Speed Steel


From experience in the shop, we have learned to not use carbon steel taps and dies.  While carbon steel taps can be broken out of a part if the tap breaks, we have found they break far more easily than do taps made of High Speed Steel.  As a result, we don’t even allow carbon steel taps in the shop.  While High Speed Steel taps and dies are slightly more expensive, the much lower rate of breakage more than makes up for the difference.   We find very little use for taper taps; plug and bottoming being almost exclusively used here.  We use gun taps (spiral cutting taps) whenever possible.  The big advantage here is that the tap drives the chips before it rather than loading up the flutes, which is the major cause of breakage.  Of course, with a blind hole, if threads are required all the way to the bottom, a bottoming tap must be used to finish the threads.  A suitable cutting oil for the material being threaded will go a long way towards preserving the sharpness of the tool cutting edge and lowering the effort required to generate threads.

Taps available




All dies are high speed steel, adjustable if obtainable, and will be the smallest diameter we can buy, usually 13/16”.  Larger dies will be 1”.


Dies available


 We have finally been able to find a reliable source of supply for the family of MTP taps and dies.  Even better, the supplier is a U.S. company so we are assured of quality and accountability.  The taps and dies are made of High Speed Steel.  Unlike the competitors dies, these are adjustable.   The standards governing the dimensioning of the taps and dies are based directly on applicable ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1 - 1983 standards.   This thread system is a miniature version of American National Taper Pipe thread with the same taper of ¾” per foot and the same (60 degree) thread form. 

MTP taps and dies available with stock numbers and prices.