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Our mechanical lubricator is available in both single (ML4) and double (ML5) feed versions as well as right and left hand and now includes a fluid  level gauge.  The above illustration is a right hand lubricator.   Normal locomotive installation would mount a right handed lubricator on the fireman’s side with oil discharge forward.   The maximum dimensions are 2.5"high by 2.5"long by 2.875" across the crank..  Both lubricators use identical parts and are of the same size, the only difference being the single outlet on the ML4, which is in the center of the case.  All pawls, ratchet wheel, cams and rams are hardened steel.  The ram is packed with an o-ring, which is easily replaced if it should become worn.  This lubricator is designed for long hard use with large bearing surfaces and robust components.   Spare parts are available.  


The lubricator case base has four mounting holes  for attachment to any suitable surface.  The lubricator can also be mounted to rails or brackets in the locomotive frame by removing the lid bolts, which are brass (4-40) and replacing them with steel.  The lubricator can be used to pump any oil from 10 wt up through light steam oils.  The pump discharge is through a union fitting suitable for silver brazing to 1/8 copper tubing.  Filling is through a 3/8 opening fill plug on the top of the case.  

The lubricator should be mounted on a sturdy surface, which will stand the forces delivered to the lubricator when in use.  The pressure stroke of the actuation arm should be set up in such a way that the link to the valve motion or other actuating device will be in tension during the pressure stroke.  It does take some force to turn the lubricator because it is generating pressure as well as working against the ram return springs.   

Also available is the CVL6, a small right angle check valve, threaded ¼-40 MTP for insertion into the steam line and set up for 1/8” copper tubing.  This valve maintains oil in the line after shutdown and prevents steam from entering the lubricator if the discharge check fails.